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Georges Friedman  

For the first time in Europe, the work of the master photographer George Friedman has been presented - exclusively - in the argus fotokunst gallery in a prestigious exhibition in 2003.

George Friedman ( also known as Györgi Friedman, Georges Friedman, Jorge Friedman) left his hometown Miskolc in Hungary at the age of 17 in order to work for the film magazine "Pour Vous" and for "L'Intransigeant" in Paris as photographer.

From 1933 onwards he found work in the great studios of the flourishing film industry in Paris, London and Hollywood as still photographer and film cameraman.
In 1939 he went to Buenos Aires (Argentina). Street and report photography for the big magazines, such as VU, PARIS MATCH, TIME and LIFE determined the coming years. Developing his own artistic kind of photography however was George Friedman's main interest.

In 1947 he began to work for "APRIL" magazine. His main topics were, above all, people in the countryside,
  in the "provincias", the life of the gauchos, and the mine- and factory workers - everyday life in all its social facets, but also political and cultural events.
In the early 50s he founded "La Carpeta de los 10" (Group of 10). This group of exceptional photographers formed the photographical work in Argentina - the German photographer Max Jacoby was also a member.
  In 1970 George Friedman took over as editor of the newly founded photostory magazine "IDILIO". As chief photographer he benefited from his experiences as film cameraman in the studios of MGM and Pathé. He created a stage-managed photography of a high artistic and technical standard.

During the course of these years George Friedman had a tremendous
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